Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the governing body of GIDE and formulates policy consistent with our mission to improve human lives by turning evidence-based knowledge into practice. The Board plays a leading role in fund raising for GIDE. The governing body meets at least quarterly and consists of up to 10 directors who represent the key thematic areas of GIDE. GIDE and its forerunner organization in Africa: African Biodiversity Institute-African Advancement Group International are now governed by the GIDE board of directors as one body. Click on their pictures to learn more.

Advisory Council

The Advisory Council is the idea engine of GIDE and its members are viewed as ambassadors of the organization. The Advisory Council that comprises of experts, advisors and c-class executives guides, counsels and advises Management on fund raising, technical assistance, assessment of a program's impact, networking and serving as a public advocate for the organization. In addition to their advisory role, members of the Council may participate in fund raising and GIDE's project activities as respected authorities in these areas.

Dr. Barbara Ky – France
Dr. Douglass Caprogrossi - USA
Dr. Duncan Ironmonger (Prof) – Australia
Dr. George Okutho - Uganda/UN International Labor Organization
Dr. Jules Degila (Prof) – Benin 
Dr. Kevin McFarland - USA
Eng. Michael Flowers - Germany
Mr. Shane Cave - New Zealand


Corporate officers are senior management team members who are accountable to the board for specific aspects of corporate governance and financial management

Corporate Officers

Executive Director (PhD)
Executive Assistant/Office Manager (BA/Masters)
Director of Research (PhD)
Heads of Research Themes (PhD) 2
Chief of Finance & Administration (MBA & ACCA or CPA)
Research Coordinators, Africa & Asia  (PhD) 2
Research Officers (PhD) 4
Grant Writer (MBA)
Finance Officer (CPA)
IT Specialist (Masters)
Support Staff (High School Diploma)