Dr. Barbara Ky


Dr. Ky is a member of the GIDE Advisory Council and expected to be a full time corporate officer - a policy researcher on impact evaluation of Women’s Economic Empowerment (WEE), the relationship between WEE, gender equality and inclusive development. Barbara will in this capacity give direct technical assistance to the Management. She is also a consulting economist on Time-use economics and Gender-Aware Modeling & Women’s Economic Empowerment. Barbara's current research includes quantitative valuation of unpaid work and its impact on health, poverty and economic growth. Earlier, Barbara worked as a researcher on micro-macroeconomics nexus relating to women’s economic empowerment at the Institute of Research for Development (IRD), Paris France. She has traveled, lived and worked in Africa, Europe, South America and USA [FRANCE].


Sample Publications

Ky B. Ethical and economic case for measurement of women’s unpaid work”: Ethical and economic Magazine / Ethics and economics, flight 10, N ° 2. (University of Montreal CRÉUM 2013)