Prof. Jules Dégila

Jules Degila.jpg

Prof. Jules Dégila who is a member of GIDE Advisory Council is specialized in the optimization of Telecommunication networks and systems architecture, deployment and operations. During the last ten years, he has held different management, executive and board member’s positions for western and African Telecommunications companies. Senior lecturer and guest speaker at different universities in Operations Research and telecommunication, he has also advised many companies and governments as strategist in real time communications and Internet Protocol (IP) networking.

 From 04/2005 to 06/2010, he was Assistant Director, Telecommunications Applications and Technologies for a Canada’s leading analogue and digital television, high speed Internet and telephony services provider. During his career in Canada, he was responsible for the technological architectures of all telecommunications services as well as for exploring and developing advanced telecommunication applications and technologies. He served as technology strategist for regulatory affairs and also, was member of different working groups of CableLabs, a Denver, Colorado based research consortium for Cable Operators.

Jules is also passionate about the third world development. He is actively involved in many initiatives for Africa’s breakthrough including motivation conferences and trainings, humanitarian works, capacity building and people empowerment.  Jules received the Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering from École Polytechnique de Montréal, Canada in 2004.