Transforming Development through Impact Evaluation


Improving lives through evaluating development impacts   


Increase effectiveness of development by supporting production and use of the most credible evidence from impact evaluation of projects and programs for better policy and program design and implementation to achieve Sustainable Inclusive Green Growth in developing countries

Mission Statement

GIDE’s mission as set out in our Bylaws is to improve inclusive green growth success as follows:

  • Produce new evidence on what works, when, why and at what cost to improve lives of vulnerable populations

  • Summarize and disseminate this evidence

  • Undertake performance evaluation of projects, programs and policies

  • Perform environmental impact assessment and environmental audits of development actions

  • Promote better policies through evidence-based decision

  • Increase capacity to undertake impact evaluation

  • Engage with governments, CSOs and other country level institutions


  • The heart of our mission is to improve lives in developing countries and some developed countries by supporting the following impact evaluation systems:

    • Systematic Reviews: the production, use and dissemination of evidence on what works, when, why and what it costs.

    • Performance evaluation of projects, programs and policies

    • Environmental and Social Impact Assessment/Environmental and Social Safeguards

  • GIDE enhances national capacity of policy makers, practitioners, researchers and CSOs to assume ownership of impact evaluation

  • GIDE responds to increasing demands of policy makers for better evidence, and improve development effectiveness in social and economic development; agriculture; and environment and natural resources.

  • GIDE works closely and seeks collaboration with stakeholders, bilateral and international agencies, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), policy research and knowledge-based institutions such as 3ie, Campbell Collaboration, Cochrane Collaboration and Evidence for Policy Design (EPoD), Harvard University that promote related work to achieve our mission, and give a high priority to what works.

  • Beyond Scientific Publication: GIDE believes that the dissemination of key findings upon project completion is a crucial step.