Prof. Jacques Charmes

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Jacques Charmes (Prof)―Member GIDE Board of Directors & Chair, Policy Research Committee; He is an economist and statistician. Currently emeritus research director at the French Scientific Research Institute for Development (IRD, formerly ORSTOM), he was until recently director of the Department of Social and Health Sciences at this institute, and professor of economics at the University of Versailles and at the Institute for Political Science (Sciences Po) in Paris. Jacques has been involved in the design and analysis of many labour force, living standards, informal sector and time-use surveys in Africa, North and South of Sahara. He has written several articles, reports and manuals on the measurement of informal sector in the labour force and National Accounts, with special emphasis on women. He has participated in many UN, ILO and World Bank programmes and activities on these topics, especially: the new international definition of the informal sector adopted in 1993 (15th International Conference of Labour Statisticians, ICLS), the definition of informal employment (17th ICLS, 2003), the handbook on the household sector accounts for the implementation of the new System of National Accounts (UNSD), the handbook on measurement of the non-observed economy (OECD, 2002), the UN World's Women statistics compilations, and the recent 2012 ILO manual on “Measuring Informality: a statistical manual for the measurement of informal sector and informal employment” as well as national human development reports in various regions. He has been compiling data on size, contribution and characteristics of informal sector and informal employment across developing regions and over decades for the OECD (“The informal sector revisited”, 1990, “Is informal normal?” 2009) and the ILO/WIEGO “Women and men in the informal economy”, for the International Labour Conference in 2002 and 2012. The most recent update has been published in Margin—The Journal of Applied Economic Research, 6:2 (2012): 103–132: ‘The informal economy worldwide: trends and characteristics’. Recently he has been involved in two large programs with the UN Economic Commission for Africa (African Centre for Gender and Social Development): the African Gender and Development Index (AGDI) applied in more than 30 countries and the “Guidebook for mainstreaming gender perspectives and household production into national statistics, budgets and policies in Africa”. Jacques is one of the founding members of the international network WIEGO (Women in the Informal Economy : Globalizing and Organizing). [FRANCE]

Sample Publications

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