Kurt Wall

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Kurt Wall (M.Sc. Economics), ―Member GIDE Board of Di-rectors; Vice President, Global Water Group, Inc, USA, President/CEO—National Radio-frequency identification (RFID) Center /COO at the Accelerator for Convergent Technologies, LLC, Director, Shop-to-Help-Others (Changing the way Americans Give to the Needy). In 2012, responsible for emergency assistance with over 5,000 water filter buckets (for clean water) to Haiti and Kenya. Kurt Wall, works with Public / Private / Partnerships (PPP) on convergent technology issues mixed with an extensive business alliance relationships. Many times this will include RF Systems with (Goals being Sensors with Machine to Machine, including Tracking, and Tracing, Anywhere, Anytime Solutions - not know by others), for Secure World Trade. Using the National RFID Center, has extensive business relationships in RFID, Smart Software, Robots, GPS, Transportation of Smart Containers, and Inland Ports, and Smart Ports. Currently Kurt serves as a Liaison Manager bringing diverse resources to hi-tech clients across multiple industry and markets. He advises companies in the business intelligence space, Sensor Technology and Mesh Networks (RF Systems). Kurt works only with Rates Of Return on Investments (ROI) for positive business points, with Lean Transformation and Value Stream Mapping inside each project. The (NRC) has five IT Swat Teams for the Best of Breed in RFID, and has proven to accomplishments of unusual problem solving with RFID. Kurt is active as a contract executive working in a variety projects for (PPP) companies. Additionally he sits on several boards and advisory panels providing strategy, planning and resources for corporation and investors such as Venture Capital and Convergent Technology Sectors. He is advisor to Worlds Best Technologies, Sponsored and developed the 10 Best Technologies out of Korea, Home stars (Homeland Security) past Chairman, COO the Convergence for Technologies, Director of VSA. National RFID Center Meetings Include: IBM, DHL, Motorola, SBC Communications, Siemens, Sun, Intermec, Cisco Systems, Best Buy, Starback Co. Alliance Texas, Federal Reserve, Nextel Communications, Texas Instrument, Intel, Ryder, American Airlines, Samsung, [USA]