Dr. Alfred Latigo, Founding Economic Consulting Director

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Alfred Latigo (AL) who holds PhD in Environmental Economics, is the Founding Executive Director/Chair of the Global Institute for Development Evidence (GIDE), formerly African Biodiversity Institute (ABI).  Alfred is an Environment and Natural Resource Economist, Program & Portfolio Manager with multidisciplinary background and experience of 25+ years in policy analysis with a focus on impact evaluation in inclusive green growth: agriculture, social and economic development, and environment and natural resources, climate change mitigation & adaptation.  AL is particularly passionate and committed to evidence-based policy research with experience in diverse areas of impact evaluation: systematic reviews; performance evaluation of projects, programs and policies;  analysis and prediction of environmental impacts; time use analysis; forecasting social and economic impacts of structural changes; and capacity building in these areas.  His track record of a successful collaborative and solutions-oriented program and portfolio manager has been a cornerstone of his career, especially when approaching complex, highly detailed projects in green growth.  After serving at the UN (United Nations Economic Commission for Africa and DLCOEA/FAO), and ABI in senior positions at international level for over 30 years, AL does not only have firsthand insight into policy challenges in developing countries, but also realized that there should be a better way of helping policy makers through evidence based decision making.  AL holds an appointment of Adjunct Professor, at the Flowers School of Management and Technology, Germany.  Earlier, he was a visiting Instructor & Lecturer, Department of Economics, International Working Group on Gender, Macroeconomics and International Economics, Utah University, USA.  He also served for 8 years as Chair, Academic Panel MSc & PhD Program on Environmental Economics and Household Economics at the African Biodiversity Institute (now GIDE), Nairobi, Kenya. He has accomplished 50+ advisory services and consultancies in 20+ African countries in impact evaluation and integrating environmental/climate change and social safeguards into investment projects/programs and policies for AfDB, JICA, UN, OECF, USAID, World Bank, Gov. of the Netherlands etc. AL loves golf and Godly values.  

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Research Interests and Networks

AL has conducted policy studies and published in the areas of"Sustainable Inclusive Growth" - Impact Evaluation: systematic reviews; performance evaluation of projects, programs and policies;  analysis and prediction of environmental impacts; time use analysis; forecasting social and economic impacts of structural changes.  He is a member of the International Development Evaluation Association (IDEAS)Association of Environmental& Natural Resource Economists, USA; International Society of Environmental Ethics, USA; International Association for Feminist Economists,  USA; and International Time Use Research, Australia/Canada/UK.  He belongs to a number of professional networks such as the Campbell Collaboration, Norway; International Initiative for Impact Evaluation (3ie), India/UK/USA; Flowers School of Technology and Management, Germany; and R&G Economic Consultants.

AL is currently working on a research project titled "Conflicts and Critiques of the Use of Systematic Reviews in Policy Making in Inclusive Green Growth".   Objective: to improve Systematic Review methodology by determining if industry or donor ties (Conflicts of Interest) - disclosed or undisclosed are associated with the use of evidence for development policy decisions.

His other current research interests in Inclusive Green Growth include:
•    Evidence synthesis, (narrative  and meta-data analysis) in inclusive green growth
•    Policy to promote pro-poor financial sector development
•    Systematic Reviews of evidence of how unbanked households and enterprises can transition into bankable ones  
•    Informal and non-market financial instruments related to social inclusion
•    A Systematic Review of climate change and food security in low income countries
•    Country Climate Change Profiles; and Climate Funds and impacts on climate change mitigation & adaptation
•    A systematic Review of how network marketing contributes to inclusive development and
      women’s economic empowerment
•    Measuring changes in wealth and natural capital in developing countries
•    Non-market valuation of ecosystem services & valuation of non-market work
•    Quantifying economic and social impacts in environmental impact assessments 

 Selected Publications

AL has made 90+ paper presentations internationally and authored/co-authored 70+ scholarly publications including journal articles books and book chapters, monographs, policy briefs and reports on inclusive development: development of evaluation methodologies/tools (guidebooks, micro/macro economic models, National Time Use Accounts, National Household Satellite Accounts etc.), and on accomplished impact evaluation projects/programs.  

His selected publications include:

"Systematic Reviews: Meta Data Analysis and Narrative Synthesis" - Training Manual: Flowers School of Management & Technology, Germany (FSMT, 2014)

"Evidence Based Practice: Closing the Gap between Evidence and Policy in Social and Economic Development of Africa" (GIDE, 2014)

"A systematic Review of How Network Marketing Contributes to Inclusive Development and Women’s Economic Empowerment? Synthesis of Evidence and Lessons – Methodology for Meta Synthesis & Narrative Synthesis" (GIDE, 2013)

"Environmental Impact Assessment - Training Manual: Flowers School of Management & Technology, Germany (FSMT, 2013)

"Evaluation and Mainstreaming Regional Integration in National Development Plans - Training Manual" with Olaniyan R.O.. (Flowers School of Management & Technology, Germany, 2013)

"Mainstreaming Regional Integration in National Development Plans of Southern African countries) (UNECA & SADC, 2010)

"The Malawi-Zambia-Zimbabwe Growth Triangle Project. Discussion Paper" - with Zulu, G. (UNECA & UNDP, 2010)

"The Best Options for Africa: 11 Political, Economic and Divine Principles", (Trafford Publ. 2010, Pp220)

"Program and Portfolio Management of the Multi-Year Development Program in Southern Africa. Environmentally Sustainable Economic Development- Discussion Paper at the Inter-Agency Donor Meeting" (SADC, Gaborone, Botswana, 2009)

"Evaluation of Malawi’s Dual Membership to SADC and COMESA" - with  Atamensa. J. and Dhiliwayo E. (UNECA, 2009)

"Mainstreaming Regional Integration in National Development Plans" - with Tanoe D.  (SARUA, Southern African Regional Universities Association, Vol 1 No.2 2009)

"Macroeconomic and Institutional Policy Convergence of Southern African Countries" - with Mzwanele M.  (UNECA & SADC, 2009)

"A Gender-Aware Integrated Macro-Micro Model for Evaluating Impacts of Policies on Poverty Reduction in Africa: The Case of South Africa" - with Fofana, I, Cockburn J, Decaluwe B, Mabugu R, Chitiga-Mabugu M, Omar A. 2006.  (World Bank, 2008) 

" Impacts of Policies on Poverty Reduction using a Gender-aware Macroeconomic Model (UNECA,2006)

Katse Dam, Lesotho Highlands Water Project, one of the largest infrastructure projects in Africa for which Alfred Latigo has undertaken environmental impact assessment. [  Photo by jjonker/Photobucket]

Katse Dam, Lesotho Highlands Water Project, one of the largest infrastructure projects in Africa for which Alfred Latigo has undertaken environmental impact assessment. [Photo by jjonker/Photobucket]

Above: "Environmental and Social Impact Assessment of the Lesotho Highlands Water Project (LHWP) Phase 1B, Lesotho, (African Development Bank, 1999)

"From National Satellite Accounts of Household Production to Macroeconomic Modeling in African Countries: A tool for  Evaluating Impacts of Structural Changes" - with  Omar M, Neijjwa M, Fofana I, Decaluwe B and Cockburn J. (Levi Economics Institute of Bard College, NY, 2005)

"Guidebook on Mainstreaming Gender Perspectives and Household Production in National Accounts, Budgets and Policies in Africa" with Omar, A. (UNECA, 2005)

"Gender-aware Macroeconomic Model to Evaluate Impacts of Fiscal Policies on Women’s Welfare, Growth and Poverty Reduction" - with Omar, A. (UNECA, 2004)

"Key Issues and Challenges for Gender Inclusive African National Statistical System". (UNECA, 2004)

"Gender Mainstreaming in National Poverty Reduction Strategies: Unexploited Sustained Growth Potential".  (UNECA, 2004)

"The Missing Link in Growth and Sustainable Development: Closing the Gender Gap" - with  Ironmonger D. (UNECA, 2004)

"Are women the key to African growth?" (BBC Report, 2004)

"A background paper on engendering budgetary policy and processes: no gender equity, no poverty  reduction".  (UNECA, 2004)

"A Proposed Gender-aware Macroeconomic Model to Evaluate Impacts of Policies on Poverty Reduction" - with Sinha, A. (UNECA, 2004)

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“Easy Reference Guide” for Mainstreaming Crosscutting Issues (gender, environment, poverty) in Sectoral/ Project Cycle" - Aimee B. and Ofori. J. (AfDB, 1999)

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