Inclusive Green Growth Projects & Programs

GIDE's new evidence-based policy research projects and programs on inclusive green growth in low and middle income economies in Africa and Asia as well as in selected States in the USA aims to investigate how the current growth is guided by our mission "to increase effectiveness of development by supporting impact evaluation of projects, programs and policies for better decision making on what works in developing countries". 

We believe that most information we need is already with us and simply needs careful review and synthesis to generate evidence on what works and what does not work.  In particular, we base our impact evaluation on the understanding that lots of evidence has been generated from quantitative and qualitative research, much of which can be useful in informing policy.  Importantly there is not only a growing demand from policy workers for proof of what works, but  also with the commitment of governments to increase the role of systematic inquiry in all aspects of policy making.  

Our on-going inclusive green growth program can be broadly grouped under three thematic areas:

  1. Project Quality at Entry: Analysis and design of new investment projects in the sectors of: AGRICULTURE, ENERGY, TRANSPORT, WATER & HEALTH to realize INCLUSIVE GREEN GROWTH in terms of: Relevance, Effectiveness, Efficiency & Sustainability.

  2. Mainstreaming of environmental, climate change mitigation & adaptation, gender and regional integration in: national/regional policies, programs and projects.

  3. Impact evaluation: Project Performance Evaluation, Systematic Reviews of past research papers/documents for evidence of what works; environmental and social impact assessment.

  4. Building a cadre of professionals in the above areas - graduate students, policy makers, statisticians and researchers.

  5. Internship and Fellowship. At GIDE, we recognize the importance of providing emerging talent with engaging learning opportunities to develop the future research and global workforce. We offer a variety of internship, fellowship and postdoctoral opportunities at our Hawaii office.

Achieving Our Mission: 2018 - 2023 Program

Our program aims to generate world-class and cutting-edge impact evaluation that addresses key questions on development outcomes in developing countries. The ultimate aim is to provide policymakers and practitioners with concrete ideas on how to improve lives and understanding of how these will translate to their specific contexts and institutions, enabling more effective policies and interventions.  GIDE thus promotes the institutionalization of impact evaluation to contribute to the creation of an institutional and legal framework that defines both the purpose and the methods of public accountability and evaluation.