Prof. Ben Kiregyera

Prof. Ben Kiregyera holds a B.Sc. (Hon), Makerere University, Uganda; M.Sc (Statistics), Iowa State University, USA; Ph.D (Statistics) University of Essex, UK. He is a Chartered Statistician and a Chartered Scientist of the Royal Statistical Society of U.K and also belongs to many international statistical associations. He is a recipient of the the highly coveted Prof. P. C. Mahalanobis International Award for lifetime achievement in statistics and promotion of best statistical practice in developing countries.

He lectured at Makerere University, Uganda from 1975 to 1989 and then joined the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FA) as Chief Technical Adviser for the Zambia Agricultural Census Project (1988-1995).  In 1997, he was appointed the first Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Uganda Bureau of Statistics which he steered until 2007 when he was appointed first Director of the African Center for Statistics at the United Nations Commission for Africa.

Prof. Kiregyera has been at the forefront of statistical development in Africa in the last decade or so. He has participated in designing and implementing key initiatives on statistical development in Africa. In addition, he has assisted many African countries build their national statisticalsystems  and capacities to be able to respond better to national and international data needs for monitoring and evaluating development policies, plans and programmes.

He has been a member of various international the Executive Boards,  Steering Committees, Scientific Advisory Committee. Prof. Kiregyera is the founder of the African Statistical Journal and the African Statistical Newsletter. He has published widely on statistical challenges and developments in Africa and is the author of the book on Emerging Data Revolution in Africa: Strengthening the Statistics, Policy and Decision-making Chain. Finally Prof. Kiregyera has worked as a consultant for many international organizations and agencies as well as national governments in Africa.