GIDE publications is a collection of papers and chapters in books by our researchers (in-house corporate researchers and members) that have been recognized for their practical impact on social vulnerabilities to environmental shocks, inequalities facing women and youth as well as policy in keeping with our mission to improve the human condition by turning knowledge into practice.  Our publications highlight the quality of the research and results that we deliver to our clients, the policy community, and the general public.

Publications listed below are only examples.  A full list of our publications with links and facility to download or order will be uploaded soon.

 Latigo A.A.R. Synthesis of Evidence and Lessons: How Do Women’s Economic Empowerment and Gender Equality Contribute to Growth? (Evidence-based Methodology for Multi-country Study, Training Module: Flowers School of Management & Technology, Germany, 2013)

Latigo A.A.R. Synthesis of Evidence and Lessons: Evaluations of Impact Transparency and Accountability Initiatives in Natural Resources Governance in Africa (Evidence-based Methodology - Theory of Change, 2012 - Training Module: Flowers School of Management & Technology, Germany)

Latigo A.A.R. Synthesis Of Evidence and Lessons: How Does Productive Employment of Women and Youth Contribute to Inclusive Growth? (Workshop Training Module for Policy Makers in Africa & Asia, 2012)

Latigo, A.A.R. The Best Options for Africa: 11 Political, Economic and Divine Principles Trafford Publ. 2009)

 Sinha, A. National Income Accounts and Data Systems edited by B.S. Minhas published in Oxford India Paperback, in journal titled Economic Systems Research, Vol. 18, pp 327-329 (September 2006). 

Fofana I, Cockburn J, Decaluwé B, Mabugu R, Chitiga M,  Latigo A, Abdourahman O. A Gender-Aware Integrated Macro-Micro Model for Evaluating Impacts of Policies on Poverty Reduction in Africa: The Case of South Africa (2006)

Latigo A.A.R., Abdourahamani O, Mohammed N, Fofana I, Decaluwe B, Cockburn J. From National Satellite Accounts of Household Production to Macroeconomic Modeling in African Countries: The Levy Economics Institute, New York (2005)

 Latigo, A.A.R & Ironmonger, D. The Missing Link  in Growth and Sustainable Development: Closing the Gender Gap: An IssuesPaper (UN ECA 2004)

Latigo, A.A.R. & Omar, A. A Gender-aware  Macroeconomic Model to Evaluate Impacts of Fiscal  Policies 
on Women’s Welfare, Growth and Poverty Reduction: (UNECA, 2004)

Latigo A.A.R. Are women the key to African growth? BBC Report 26th May 2004 - Orla Ryan, BBC in Kampala, Uganda

Latigo, A.A.R. A Guidebook on Mainstreaming Gender Perspectives and Household Production in National Accounts, Budgets and Policies in Africa: (UNECA, 2003)

Latigo A.A.R. A conceptual and analytical framework for gender mainstreaming in national accounts and national budget : words need numbers to influence them (UNECA, 2002) 

Latigo A.A.R. Project Performance Evaluation Reports such as the Uganda Poverty Alleviation Project (ADB, 2000); Engendering Budgetary Policy and Processes (UNECA, 2002)

Latigo, A.A. R.  Analysis of opportunity costs and trade-offs in natural resource conservation in Kenya,  Uganda and Tanzania (UNEP, 1999/2000)

Latigo A.A. R. Policy Analysis and Advocacy for National Poverty Reduction Strategy (UNECA, 2001)

Latigo A.A.R. A training manual for mainstreaming cross-cutting issues - CCls (gender, environment, poverty) in African Development Bank project cycle(ADB, 1999) 

Latigo, A.A.R.  The Environmental and Social Impact  Assessment (ESIA) of Lesotho Highlands Water  Project (LHWP) Phase B in Lesotho 1996)

Latigo A.A. R. Assessing Gross Costs of Environmental Degradation: A Tool for Reducing obstacles to Investment in Environmental Management (PhD Thesis, 1996)

 Latigo A.A.R. A Review of Physical and Monetary Approaches to Environmental Accounting (ABI, 1995)