Systematic Reviews

Our on-going program for generating evidence of what works comprises of 5 components:

  • Creating demand for use of evidence in development initiatives
  • Capacity building for researchers, policy makers and graduate students
  • Working with bilateral and international agencies to conduct systematic reviews
  • Developing appropriate SR methodologies in social and economic development (meta-data analysis & narrative synthesis)
  • Developing data base for systematic reviews of evidence (Cloud-based & conventional data bases).

 Projects for systematic reviews (of multiple studies) in Africa & Asia (2014 - 2017):

  • Development of Easy Access Cloud-based Database for Systematic Reviews
  • Climate Change and Food Security: A Systematic Review of Climate Change and Food Security in low income countries;
  • Food Security: A Systematic Review of an Integrated Feedback and Accountability System to Foster Collaboration between Small-scale Farmers in Low Income Countries in Africa and Asia, and Multiple Relevant Stakeholders to Increase Agricultural Productivity and Improve Lives;
  • Natural Resources & Poverty: A Systematic Review of Components of Biodiversity Affecting Various Dimensions of Poverty: Synthesis of Evidence and Lessons;
  • Women’s Economic Empowerment: A systematic Review of How Network Marketing Contributes to Inclusive Development and Women’s Economic Empowerment? Synthesis of Evidence and Lessons.